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Signing With Babies And Children: May 2012

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day in Every Language

Baby Sign Language- Mother's Day:

Mommy, Mom, Mother, Mama, Maaaaam....
How does your baby call you?

If we are missing YOUR language, please let us know and comment below, we would love to learn from YOU!

Add a language here or just tell us how your baby/child calls you (variations of mom)--- win FREE Sing & Sign iPod / iPad app!

English -Mother- Mom
Hebrew - Imma אמא
Spanish – Madre – madre
French – Maman - maman
German – Mutter - Mutter
Chinese -母亲 – Moa Chin
Tamil - Amma
Hindi – मां – MatFilipino – Ina - ena
Dutch – Moeder – muuda
Vietnamese - mẹ - Meh
Thai – แม่ – Ma
Korean –엄마 - Omma
Japanese -ママ - MaMa
Russian – мать – Matsh
Polish – matka - Matka

and .... in Baby Sign Language: Click here

There is no job as demanding and as rewarding, as heart warming and as heart wrenching as being a mother.

Happy Mother's Day to all SUPERmamas in the world!

Let's Sign and Shine!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Koko, the Signing Gorilla

Sign language can truly cross barriers, bringing communication across cultures, societies, and even species! Using their hands, humans and gorillas have been able to speak to each other, sharing and expressing their own ideas and feelings. Koko, the gorilla, knows a vocabulary of over one thousand signs in American Sign Language (ASL), which is a considerable amount of words!
Koko is constantly learning new signs, as seen when she approximates “butterfly” for the first time. Even though her fingers do not have the fine motor skill needed for the “butterfly” sign, Koko quickly grasps the sign and signs it back to Penny, her caregiver. The amazing thing is that Koko is able to have back-and-forth conversations with Penny using ASL. When Penny shows her the scarf, Koko says that flowers are “fake,” which demonstrates a true ability to grasp abstract concepts. Koko is so smart and it is wonderful that we are able to communicate with her using sign language.
Sign language and Koko are both amazing! Anyone starting to learn how to sign can watch these great videos and learn how to sign with Koko.