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Signing With Babies And Children: July 2011

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Babies Who Have a Means to Express Themselves Are Happier Babies

A child is naturally curious. He is born into this world with a desire to learn. If we nurture this desire by giving him a means with which he can express himself, then he will continue to find joy in learning. As we have observed in so many young babies, they are able to understand what we say to them well before they are able to talk or express themselves. And when they are unable to express themselves, they often become frustrated. In other words, their minds are actually processing the language they hear and creating thoughts, yet their vocal chords are still developing and so they are limited in how they may express themselves. By introducing sign language to your baby, you are enabling your child to now have a means through which he may express himself; hence, the joy of learning, the joy of being understood, and the feeling of respect and empowerment continue to grow.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Project Nim: Baby Sign Language with Chimps

Project Nim, a movie about a chimpanzee named Nim Chimpsky, the most famous primate to make a dent in the human world as a result of his participation in a landmark linguistics study.

The documentary follows 1973 Columbia University project intended to teach primates sign language. Is that a form of Baby Sign Langauge.

Did you watch the movie?
Is signing a form of communication when words are not enough?

I didn't watch the movie, yet, but I would love to get YOUR input.

Let the Sign Shine,