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Signing With Babies And Children: Signs During Bedtime Routine

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Signs During Bedtime Routine

I want to share another story with you from a mom whose baby could clearly tell her what was upsetting her through sign. This mom always used sign language during her bedtime routine. First, they would eat dinner, then play a little, bath, book and finally bed. One day her family went out for dinner and got home a little late so they skipped the bath and went straight to story and bed. During the story time her daughter was crying and very fussy. The mom just assumed she was getting overtired. Finally the baby signed ‘bath’, the mother was amazed! The baby had never used the sign ‘bath’ before, the mom had always used this sign in their bedtime routine but the baby had never signed it. The mom figured the baby hadn’t used the sign before because the need hadn’t come up. However, during this night, out of desperation, she used the sign to let her parents know what was wrong. I love this story because you never know if your child is picking up signs or not and this clearly shows that babies do pick up more than we think they do. I highly encourage everyone to begin using signing during his or her bedtime routine! :-)

Laura Berg, Founder; My Smart Hands, 'educating young minds'

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