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Signing With Babies And Children: Where does it Hurt?

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where does it Hurt?

      "I wonder where it hurts," a mother asks herself as she sees that her eighteen month old son is not feeling well.

My nephew, Jaxton, was not feeling well.  He was not able to sleep and was running a fever.  My sister was not sure whether to take him to the doctor or not.  

As her husband returned home from work, they both witnessed little Jaxton signing "HURT" and then opening his mouth while pointing towards his throat.

To my astonishment, I told her that my three year old has a hard time telling me where it hurts when he's sick (Jaxton only 18 months old). 

Jaxton was able to communicate where he was hurting, and sure enough as he went to the doctor, he had swollen glands and his parents were given some advice how to make him more comfortable at night to be able to sleep.  

The power of communication through signs enables children to show us what they need and where they need it most.

Written by Shawna Tran  
credit clipart: (ASL dictionary)

1 comment:

SignShine said...

This is such an empowering sign, for babies, children, parents and pediatricians. I love the illustrations! Thank you, Shawna.