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Signing With Babies And Children: Commuincation and Resources

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Commuincation and Resources

Communication is Key!

As people we are always looking to improve communication with our partners, our colleagues, friends and family.  As parents, we turn our focus to communication with our children.  

Incorporating sign language can be that key, opening up many new doors to language and speech.  

But once you learn some signs, how do you remember what they are---and to actually use them??  Join a class!  Take a webinar!  Watch a DVD!  Carry around a book!  

Baby Fingers offers classes around the NYC metro area, webinars for families around the globe, DVDs and a colorful board book series.  There are 5 books in our series--Baby Fingers: Teaching Your Baby to Sign--focusing on Greetings, Feelings, Routines, Favorite Things, and basic "need" based signs.  They are inexpensive and beautifully done thanks to Sterling Publishing, and they are small enough to fit into a diaper bag or purse.  It is convenient for you to have a resource at your fingertips--literally!--and fun for your little one to look at the color photos of other babies, toddlers, and preschoolers signing in these books.  

And it doesn't have to stop there.  Our Sign Language for Kids book offers ASL for school age children who would like to start learning or continue the process.  It's also a colorful dictionary of signs and tips for kids of all ages.  Next fall look for our ABC book!  Since signing with your baby helps to promote literacy skills, it's always great to have books around!

Commuincation is key and resources are plentiful.  I hope your journey through sign is as engaging and rewarding as mine has been with my own children.  You can read my story and find our resources at

Happy Signing!  :)

1 comment:

My Baby Details said...

Good Luck working on your "ABC" book.

Thank you for sharing great resources!!!

A book small enough for a purse... great idea!