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Signing With Babies And Children: Accepting Me, Accepting Others Unlike Me

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Accepting Me, Accepting Others Unlike Me

Some benefits of signing and learning more than one language seem evidently obvious at times. Consider when two children are in the midst of trying to express their wants and needs. One is pointing while grunting or making a noise that seems rather uncomfortable whereas the child next to this little one is signing what she needs and trying to say the word at the same time.

We see that American Sign Language is helping our little ones not only communicate their needs quicker but develop their language skills at the same time.

What other skills are they learning?

I remember learning that a child that learns more than one language may become more acceptive of others. In the Fall of 2007, The Duke University Talent Identification Program offered an online newsletter to parents. Martha G. Abbott, Director of Education for the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) described those who learned a second language were “open and accepting of people who speak other languages and come from other cultures.”

I think in return, these little ones will also be more acceptive of their own distinct differences from others and unique characteristics.

Link to 2007 newsletter mentioned above.

Written by Shawna Tran:

1 comment:

mommalama said...

I completely agree with your ideas of cultural acceptance. As our world becomes more and more global, children who are exposed to multiple languages and cultures at an early age will be at a great advantage. Babies who learn sign language, in particular, will have the advantage of being able to be tuned into facial expressions as well as bodily gestures. They will be exceptional communicators!