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Signing With Babies And Children: Scarlette's Little Hands

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scarlette's Little Hands

It has been a little while since I have contributed to our wonderful Baby Sign Language Glog but the past months have been rather traumatic.
In an attempt to get away for a long weekend in the mountains, we stayed at a log cabin up at the Bunyas. The lovely hosts had already started the wood fired heater in the cabin so the atmosphere was perfect when we arrived.

Unfortunately, wood fired heaters and small children do not make for a relaxing weekend away...

After 7 hours of trying to keep little hands well away from the heat, the thing we feared the worst happened. Innocently, Scarlette tripped over her own feet and landed with both hands on the heater. I didn't see it happen but Ian did and he raced her straight to the tap and we spent the next 3 hours with her hands under icy cold water. There is no worse moment for a parent than when you can't take away the pain of your little one.

The nearest hosptial was 40 minutes drive away so we wanted to make sure she was more comfortable before we made the trip. A rather large dose of paracetamol and she finally fell asleep in the car.

The hospital staff were amazing, Scarlette slept through the bandaging and woke 4 hours later amused at her new little paddles - they had put casts on her hands.
Children are so resilient. The trauma took us days to recover from while she was off discovering how to use these new appendages to explore the world around her. She didn't once get frustrated with the casts...she could bang louder on the window, still play with her toys and bless her, she still used her little casts to sign to us.

So, 6 weeks on now and she is perfectly healed. Many trips to the burns clinic and the first aide that we were able to administer to her prevented permanent damage or the need for skin grafts.

Here is a photo of our little angel baby signing 'I love you' - even with her little casts on....We love you too Scarlette.


SignShine said...

Dear Lisa, I cannot even imagine what you went through in these moments of realizing what happened to little Scarlette. I am so happy that Scarlette is healing and doing better every day, you are right, kids are resilient. I am thinking about you and sending you my energy and good thoughts. I know she will be signing with you very soon.

All of my love,

Let the Sign Shine,

Etel Leit, M.S.
Founder & Owner


What an incredible little girl! I love her.

Jennifer Wolf

Tori said...

i'm so glad that scarlette is doing much better now. she's a resilient little girl, and will grow up to be an amazing woman, i'm sure. my thoughts are with you and your family during these tough challenging months, until she's back to 100%. please keep us posted on her recovery. :)

mommalama said...

oh my goodness, bless you and Scarlette. She is a courageous little girl, who is loved beyond words. We are praying for you and sending you our thoughts and prayers.
We love this photo of this beautiful little girl signing love!
Lots of love,
manette with SignShine

My Baby Details said...

I sure have been thinking of you and your little one. Thank you, Lisa, for being an example of light and hope! You must have installed those same qualities in your precious daughter as by the sounds of it she's a true fighter and uplifting little girl!
She surely is loved!