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Signing With Babies And Children: Age is NOT a Factor in Sign Language

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Age is NOT a Factor in Sign Language

Sign language is a communication tool that is not restricted to deaf individuals—it has such great benefits that using sign language can enhance your daily life. Whether you are 25 years old or 60 years old, it’s never too late to start using your hands to sign. Sign language can be taught to babies who are only a few months old or to your grandmother—there is no limit for learning sign language. Signing is especially useful in accelerating verbal communication, stimulating the brain, and decreasing frustration levels in babies and young children. But in order to start signing with your child, you have to take the initiative and decide to welcome sign language to your family. There are many available resources on the Internet that can help you (and maybe your grandmother) get started on signing today.

Sign language starts with you! Get your family hooked on signing and see what it can do for you!


GoDdEsS oF tHe TrAiL said...

I have found that ASL is a very useful tool in the elementary school classrooms. I often use sign language when volunteering in my son's class. I can sign to him or the other children without causing an unnecessary disruption to the teacher. Most of the time I merely need to sign "stop", "pay attention" or "quiet" to get them to stop talking, turn around and listen to their teacher.

TravelSize said...

I remember impressing relatives at dinner parties when I learned to sign the entire alphabet in Kindergarten. I also recall the teacher using it to silence the class after returning from lunch. No yelling or scolding was necessary. Perhaps one day I will pick it up again and teach it my mother because she's very hard of hearing. said...

As a 1st grade teacher, I taught my students the Pledge in sign language. It really held their focus and went on to help in their reading skills as well!

MoNiQuE said...

I think its so awesome that parents are using sign language and non verbal communication to understand what their babies want rather than deal with crying and frustration of not knowing what your little one wants. What a great benefit for parents

marab said...

Yes; Such a valid point! Sign Language connects people of all ages. From babies to seniors, and every phase of life in between, signing is incredibly beneficial. What I love about sign language is that people actually look at one another, see eachothers' expressions, watch the signs, and truly connect. It's such a distracted society nowadays. Fortunately, Sign Language is a perfect outlet for people to interact and communicate.

SignShine said...

I Love reading your input and I agree with everything you wrote, sweet fans! It is about the VISUAL COMMUNICATION which creates intimicy between people.


@ttitude writer said...

I totally agree with this point! Age is absolutely not a factor for learning any language. Especially, ASL is an experience, and I would say the most beautiful language in the world. Its the only one that lets us interact with the children before even they know how to use words. It is such a healthy communication tool that it should NOT be ignored by anyone in their life.

My Baby Details said...

What great thoughts shared! I especially liked the part about our children and their classrooms.^^

And what a great idea to teach the signs to the Pledge of Allegiance.

And, it truly is a way to connect as we are interacting in more than one form of communication.

Anne-Michael Smith said...

Signing is so beneficial at any age! What a great reminder that signing is a useful tool in the classroom and in life. I have seen sleepy kids be able to sign that they want milk -- instead of being frustrated because they were tired and thirsty and couldn't communicate it. I can see how this would be helpful too with a grandmother who has jaw pain or breathing problems.
That is just one of the things I have always loved about sign: It is freeing, at any age!

Aaron Johnson said...

I've heard from multiple people that sign language is one of the easier languages to learn, and it never hurts to have a mastery of multiple languages. Also, learning anything is good for the mind, especially languages. Those I've talked to who know multiple languages have often told me they approach conversations with more care, as they are more aware of misunderstandings and how things may be misconstrued.

fatima urquilla said...

1 word: Encourage!

This post encouraged me so much and it is just another note that makes me realize how our brain understands things in multiple forms. I am intrigued at the fact that humans can communicate in a visual form, a whole language!

As years pass, I realized that a lot of the people who know sign language began as children which somewhat discouraged me to even try. From this article I actually want to learn and not just admire from afar like I have all these years.

Anonymous said...

It is so true that sign language is helpful at any age. I was just thinking how helpful it would be for my grandpa and I to learn sign language to communicate more effectively to one another, as he is rapidly losing his hearing.