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Signing With Babies And Children: Can Signing Be Taught through Music?

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Can Signing Be Taught through Music?

Baby sign language resources are all over the Internet. But how do you know which video or articles or even signing classes to trust? Some signing teachers prefer teaching “baby signs” instead of American Sign Language (ASL) signs, while others prefer a more hands-on teaching technique over books or online articles. You and your friend’s learning styles may vary so it is important to gauge which resources are available and which ones work best for you.
Singing and signing is a great way to learn sign language! Instead of reading dry material and looking at 2D diagrams, babies and parents can watch signing videos of your favorite songs together.
This video of “You are My Sunshine (or SignShine)” perfectly illustrates how singing can be taught through music and song! It starts off with a slow rundown of the different signs, line by line, and is performed to the fullest at the end. Parents can either play the video for their baby or learn how to sign…and sing and sign along to “You are My Sunshine.”
By singing and signing while diapering, at the toilet, or bathing, your little one will learn to associate fun with his or her routines. With continual reinforcement over time, your baby will learn both the signs and the routines in no time!


Sarah and Luca said...

I have to chime in about signing songs, and signing in general with kids. It is a very useful communication tool, undoubtedly, but in teaching my son I also noticed one other extra benefit. Coordination. I thought about it the other day with my son, who is two, was dribbling a basketball. For a long time. A full-size, full weight basketball. Now maybe lots of kids can do this, but I was a little amazed at his dribbling skills. I mean, the ball is bigger than his head! He has surprisingly impressive hand-eye coordination. He started signing essential words (milk, more, sleep, etc.) very early and I think using his hands to put an idea into action has given him an edge in coordination. Of course, there is nothing better than signing a song, the vocal-hand coordination is not always easy for the little ones at first, but becoming successful at something that was a challenge at first, gives a great confidence in turn.
So when he is dribbling circles around the likes of LeBron James, I will have ASL to thank;)

Aaron Johnson said...

Song strikes me as a good tool for teaching. It's often used in teaching other languages, which seems like a perfect fit for...well, teaching another language. Also, the note at the end that you should constantly practice is a good bit of advice. One of the best ways to learn a language is simply by immersing yourself in the language.

John H. Whitley Jr. said...
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John H. Whitley Jr. said...
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A.J. said...

This blog was interesting to me because I love music. Interpreting music is one of the few joys I have had the chance to do both in my high school and at my church. I truly believe that signing while singing or listening to a song is a great way to teach babies a few ASL signs. Whenever someone sees me sign a song, they immediately pick up a couple signs and are eager to learn more. Language development is important for babies so that they can exercise their cognitive development. Adult interpreters need every part of their mind and memory to cognitively process ASL. This language method succeeds in marketing the many opportunities that SignShine® provides as well as gives the babies a leap into learning ASL.

Caitlin Torres said...

This is another great way to make signing fun and interactive for children! They'll be thinking that they're just having fun with mom or dad when they're actually learning a valuable skill. There's always different ways to teach things and I think this kind of interactive and hands on approach is the perfect way to get kids exciting about learning a new language!