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Signing With Babies And Children: Intergrading Sign Language with Preschool Co-ops

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Intergrading Sign Language with Preschool Co-ops

Have you ever been involved in a preschool co-op? I know each one operates a little differently than the next. But as a person that loves to share the power of signing with your own children, be open to sharing it with the people around you.

A preschool co-op can be overwhelming and fun at the same time. There are programs out there designed with its own curriculum, and at other times, we are given the opportunity to come up with our own curriculum (including activities and songs). Both scenarios offer a chance to intergrade sign language with learning.

Whether you just joined a preschool co-op, are in charge of one yourself, or take any part in one, it's never too late to introduce signs to both the children and parents involved.

Don't be surprised with various reactions from parents and children alike once you begin intergrading sign language. In some parts of the country, you'll have no problem as many mothers/caregivers are looking for opportunities to learn sign language and have it be a part of their children's lives. Some of you on the other hand may be in a place where people don't have much to say about sign language quite yet. In either case, go for it.  Here are some steps in getting started:
  • Inform your co-op that you teach sign language to your child
  • Let them know that you are willing to teach sign language to other children
  • Use opening and closing exercises (routines) to introduce signs
  • Even if it's simply teaching the alphabet signs, be willing to do your part in teaching (the children and other members alike)
  • Keep intergrading signs within your own home if other members of the co-op do not seem interested
I, myself, have been in front of friends and their children in a preschool co-op setting. While signing with songs, I have felt occasional questioning faces peering up at me or directly at me from the eyes of the mothers. As I took the time to ask the mothers about their thoughts on sign language, I was impressed to know that although their actions showed otherwise, they were very happy to be influenced by the power of signing!

Don't be afraid to look online for resources, such as ASL dictionaries, to help add signs to your preschool activities and songs. Please email me with any questions or with any need of ideas.

Links for helping you get started in integrading sign language into your co-op:

Written by Shawna Tran.
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