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Signing With Babies And Children: Independent Learning Opportunity

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Independent Learning Opportunity

My Husband and I started signing with our daughter, Paige at 6 1/2 months old. By 7 1/2 months Paige signed "MILK". We continued to sign with her feverishly! My husband stayed ahead of the game by watching the first 3 volumes of "Signing Time" (that's all they had out then). When volumes 4 (family and feeling), 5(ABC's) and 6(colors) came out - we bought 'em and started playing and watching them with Paige. Mostly as background music during playtime and occasionally while in the exersaucer for a needed mom potty break. However, neither my husband nor I had "formally" shown Paige the signs from the DVD's other than what we had been using prior to their arrival at our home.
One evening after dinner, I was washing dishes - by hand! I turned the water off to begin drying the pots and pans... only to hear splashing water... from the dog dish... in the kitchen!!! The then 13 month old Paige was playing in the dog's water dish - again! I turned to look at her, past my husband, spoke in an "angry" mommy voice asking, "Paige, do you see this face?" pursing my lips and lowering my brow.
Paige turned towards me, pulled her right hand out of the dog dish and signed "GRUMPY"! My husband and I burst out laughing! We missed the discipline opportunity but gained the wonderful moment of self teaching that Paige had accomplished on her own - WOW! Conferring, my husband and I realized we had not shown Paige the sign for "GRUMPY", Paige learned it straight off the new Signing Time DVD we had simply played for background music.
Don't under estimate the learning ability of your little one - especially in play mode!

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