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Signing With Babies And Children: Funny, Scary & Happy Signs

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Funny, Scary & Happy Signs

Halloween is peeking around the corner! What a great opportunity to review a few signs before the big day! Personally, I find that holidays are perfect for introducing novel signs to your child.

For example, “SCARED” or “CANDY” or “HAPPY”! Helping them to better express themselves around holidays will make the changes less threatening, more exciting, and best of all, MORE FUN!

Take a few minutes today and review a few of our suggested Halloween signs and have a WONDERFUL Trick or Treat Day!

Click here and for advanced signs here or on the picture to view MORE Halloween Signs!

Let the Sign Shine,

Etel Leit, M.S.
Founder & Owner


sarah said...

Thank You Etel for sharing these Halloween signs! I am a little concerned about my 22 month old during 'trick or treating' this year because she is at the age that she is beginning to become more aware of feelings or fear, of the dark and things that are scary. I hope that if I can teach her some of these signs such as 'scary' 'happy' and 'costume' that she may be able to communicate more easily when she feels uncomfortable while we're out trick or treating with her older cousins. i might skip the sign for candy...somehow she already knows that one!

My Baby Details said...

Thanks for sharing, sarah. I hope you and your little one enjoy a fun time "trick or treating."

My daughter says "that scare you" (you pertaining to herself^_^), and sometimes I'm not sure if it is for attention or not, since often it's related to when she is told "not" to do something when she wants to do it^_^.

But I think signing scared with her during these times may help her express her feelings a bit more accurately^_^ "are you really 'scared' or 'frustrated' that you are not getting your way?"

Oh, and sarah, Candy is a favorite sign for my 2 year old daughter too... she signs it Very Accurately^_^.

I'm grateful for signing to help communicate different feelings with my children!