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Signing With Babies And Children: Karate Boy says I Love You

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Karate Boy says I Love You

One very important tool of signing is being able to communicate where others can't. Recently, while watching my son in his karate class, separated by glass, I watched him learning and doing his moves. I just wanted to cheer, but I knew he couldn't hear me.

But then, our eyes connected, and Dylan signed "I Love You".

I swelled with pride!

I signed back "I Love You" and "I am so Proud of You"! We shared a moment of connectivity that not even windows could separate!

What a magical way to express your feelings of pride in quiet rooms without interrupting anyone. How better to communicate during classes, across playgrounds, through windows, or when school buses carry them off! That's what makes signing so unique and so wonderful!

Start investing in the most precious thing you can share with your child; communication is truly the best gift you can give YOURSELF and YOUR CHILD today!

That was such a special moment!!! How lucky that I will always have the picture to be reminded.

*In the picture:
Dylan is signing I LOVE YOU (picture was taken behind the glass window)

Let's Sign and Shine,

1 comment:

Regina said...

This is an extremely special moment, and I personally hope that all parents who learn sign with SignShine may have special bonding moments such as this one.