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Signing With Babies And Children: New ABC song

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Friday, January 23, 2009

New ABC song

Just over six months ago I was working with a speech language pathologist (SLP). I’ve known much about speech and language and have done tons of research and lecturing on the benefits that signing has on language but working with a professional was a wonderful experience that has broadened my knowledge of that field. While working with the SLP she had commented that she found songs and music helpful in her practice when working with the children. She continued to say that she found the traditional alphabet song is too fast when signing it with the younger kids to pick it up easily and really benefit from. She wished there was a song that allowed for a slower beat that she could really show each sign with the letter and pause before the next. I concurred with her on this as even the moms who take my class have a hard time signing and singing it, at least at first. And we often get a good laugh at trying to sing and sign the alphabet together as it does feel a little fast. I am very fortunate that my husband is a musician and music producer so I went home and told him about the ABC song being too fast and asked if we could make one that would be useful to this woman in her practice. So we sat down and made a song that is not only slower, allowing for easier transition form each letter but also has words that you can sign if you’d like. I’m please to say that this SLP among many many others have emailed me to say that they have been successfully using this song with the children in their clinics with much success! So I’m hoping that some of you will find this song useful when learning and practicing your ABC’s as well!
If you are Canadian and want an ABC song that sings ZED instead of ZEE I made the same song for you with that modification :-)
Laura Berg, My Smart Hands, 'educating young minds'

1 comment:

SignShine said...

What a helpful tool in practicing the ABC in ASL for children. I just taught it in my classes, and will definitely make a link to the video. Thank you. So sweet. I like the slower bit too. I am sure it was so much fun to collaborate with the hubby as well!

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