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Signing With Babies And Children: Just for the Fun of It

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just for the Fun of It

Signing has multiple purposes. We have come to find that signing has the ability to allow our children to communicate at an earlier time in their development than ever before. It becomes much of a gift. But it’s more than a gift of communication, it lends itself to a world of bonding and having fun where fun may not have been thought possible.

For example, this season, for our family, has shown itself to be a sick one. My 11 month old daughter and I were at the doctor’s office two days ago. She had had a consistent fever and was breathing quite deeply and fast with a cough.

She was trying to keep in there as we waited for the doctor to make his debut by opening that little door that stared us in the face as she was embraced in her mother’s love.

Well, as a mother, embracing doesn’t always leave your child with the comfort you had hoped to sustain you for the time being. She began to be wiggly and agitated.

I had one of those “lovies” with a small stuffed animal attached to a small blanket in my purse. I decided to play a game.

As we sat, I began to put the “lovie” below my knees where she could not see it. I had one had free to sign “WHERE.” Without the sign “where,” the game would not had involved her attention as much (including my own attention and ability to perk up for both our well beings).

I would say “where” as I signed “where”... my finger moving itself back and forth multiple times giving myself more encouragement to continue on with this simple game. For myself, with just a simple sign used, the game became more engaging and therefore more desirable to play.

As I would move the “lovie” and make a “swoosh” sound as it would rise up from beneath her eye level, I realized that even in the most unlikable situations, moments can become memorable and engaging.

I can remember the sweet bonding time we had together instead of the anxiety that was creeping in because of my little daughter being sick and waiting for the doctor.

Sign just for the fun of signing... and enjoy the engaging way it allows you to bond with each other.

Written by Shawna Tran: and

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