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Signing With Babies And Children: Let's Grow with the Grahams:

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let's Grow with the Grahams:

I wanted to share with you recent videos were shared with BabySignShine from Kelli Graham, mom of three, who signs with her three kids: Haviland, Jackson and Bennet.

"Bennett is the youngest of our three children- all of which have signed. He started signing at 10 months and while very verbal now at 23 months he still enjoys signing. I know that signing enhanced his verbal skills and have loved the journey!"

Bennett- age 10 months signing MORE:
Click here or on the picture to watch Bennet signing .

Bennett- age 19 months signing MILK PLEASE: Here is a video of Bennett asking, or rather demanding for milk. The boy knows what he wants when he wants it. At least I got a "please" out of him. :)
Click here or on the picture to watch video.

This one is of Jackson when he was 13 months. He was just learning to sign and would "babble" with his hands. This was in 2004. There is no sound on this clip - old digital camera"
Click here or on the picture to watch video.

And lastly, Haviland at age 7 months signing her first sign "milk". She was my earliest signer by far, and hasn't stopped talking since! This was in 2005. No sound on this one either.
Click here or on the picture to watch video.

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