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Signing With Babies And Children: Translating Signs - three tips

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Translating Signs - three tips

Three tips for translating those signs of your little ones.

1) Watch for that first sign. This sign may be used for many things referring to needs/wants.

ex. child signs "milk" for his first sign - understands that this sign gets him what he wants, "milk" - uses that sign when he wants other things such as food or toys - may even resort to enthusiastically using both his fists to sign "milk" hoping that these actions will emphasize the importance of this "want" ^_^

2) Share with others, so they too can translate your child's signing.

ex. you have come to recognize that your child's sign for "sleep" or wanting to take a nap is done by bringing her whole palm to the top of her head down to her forehead - your hubby watches your little one for the afternoon and later comments on how she sure likes to sign hat a lot and was really grumpy this afternoon - "that's her way of signing 'sleep'" ^_^

3) Watch those first reactions when you are teaching your child a sign.

ex. you are reading a book and an owl appears on the page - enthusiastically you begin to sign owl and make the owl sound while automatically seeing the reaction of your son - he is signing "owl" while rubbing his eye as if he was sleepy - later when he sees a bird in a different book, he begins to rub his eye - he's not tired, he is signing "owl" and you now have the opportunity to teach him the sign for "bird" ^_^

May your enjoy these times with your children and recognize the signs of signing.

written by Shawna Tran:

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