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Signing With Babies And Children: Using Sign Language to Tell a Story is a Wonderful Way to captivate the young listener.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Using Sign Language to Tell a Story is a Wonderful Way to captivate the young listener.

So many of today’s children rely on film or video to hold their interest. By encouraging children to listen to a story, you are helping the child develop sharper, more accurate and effective listening skills. Start off with short stories that will captivate their interest. Include the listener as the protagonist. Add humor, or suspense and allow the listener’s imagination to create and embellish as his mind absorbs the words. Add sign language as a tool to help engage the listener. Children are captivated by the visual language. Instead of providing the picture to the child through videos and film, use sign language to allow the listener to engage with the storyteller and create the visual picture in his/her own mind. Not only does sign language help engage the listener and allow the child’s imagination to create, but it also helps the listener retain the information.

In summary, by having your child simultaneously process visual and auditory languages, you will be helping him/her to develop sharper listening skills, become more imaginative, and develop ways to better remember the details of the story.


etel said...

Yes! Sign Language goes above and beyond just verbal skills. Continuing signing with children has so many benefits to their literacy skills and listening.

Etel Leit, M.S.
Founder & Owner

Lora Heller said...

I've SO enjoyed reading all these spectacular blog entries and hope to share a story soon. :) Lora

Bobby Schubert said...

The unfortunate thing is that parents often overlook more unconventional means of communicating with their children and instead rely on what's familiar. My parents provided for me as best they could and did a wonderful job but I often wonder if I could have been more scholarly or perhaps discovered a hidden talent if they had fostered my learning in different ways. Parents have more access to different teaching methods these days and sign language seems like one of the most effective.