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Signing With Babies And Children: Baby Sign Language FAQs

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Sign Language FAQs

Why are Baby Fingers classes based on American Sign Language? American Sign Language is the language of the Deaf, a true language with its own grammar and syntax. The signs are not made up. As Joseph Garcia stated regarding Sign with Your Baby programs: Since the birth of the United States, ASL has been evolving to become the accepted sign language in North America. It is now standardized throughout the United States and Canada. The advantage of using a standardized sign language as a foundation is that most people who share knowledge of that language will be able to identify and respond to the signs that your baby knows. ASL structure is compatible with the nature of language development in infants. One sign can relate an entire concept. Young children begin communicating using one-word sentences (or in this case, one-gesture sentences) to express complete thoughts or needs. ASL signs are also very iconic, in many cases resembling the objects or activities they represent. A foundation is provided for continued learning of ASL [or any language] in later years.
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