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Signing With Babies And Children: Understanding the Signs

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Understanding the Signs

In any language, it is easier to understand a meaning of some thing when it relates to us.  If you were to learn a new word from a different language, it would help to have it explained in words that you already know.  This is the same for children. Every day they are learning new words and trying to put meaning to these words.

As caregivers, we have the opportunity in helping to create understanding and meaning to every day words by relating to our children with words they already know.  Using sign language helps to put this world of learning in a very visual interactive light!

Here are some examples of helping your children understand meanings of words with the use of American Sign Language.  

Remember to sign the word and then explain to your children what this word means with a use of words/signs they already know.

Patience: wait & nice
Respectful: listen & nice
Appreciate:  show & love
Responsibility:  special &  job (for you)

Written by Shawna Tran


WeeHands said...

It's wonderful that you are sharing information about using sign language with babies! I love your list of caring and helpful words and signs - wonderful!

Sara Bingham, WeeHands Founder
author of The Baby Signing Book

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sara, that's so sweet. I receive your newsletters and have seen your website. You've really been able to share the good news of signing with your child!!! Take care!