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Signing With Babies And Children: Making Cents Out of Counting Money

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Making Cents Out of Counting Money

It's some times hard to teach the concept of money: a quarter equals twenty-five pennies, two nickels equal a dime, four quarters equal a dollar. Children at a young age can grasp the concept of money and make sense of how to count in fives, tens, twenty-fives and so forth with the use of signing numbers.

All our numbers can be signed on One hand. This is so useful in helping your child learn to count as they begin to understand the concepts of not only money but also adding, multiplying, and dividing.

Start by:
  • teaching your child numbers 1-10 in sign language
  • counting by 2's, explaining to your child that each time you sign the next number, go up by two
  • ask an adding multiples question such as "2+2+2" and count by multiples using signs
  • begin exploring the ideas of counting money "counting by 5, 10, and 25"
  • use the concept of counting money to teach the concept of multiplying and dividing: "two 10s equal 20 because 10 + 10 is 20" and asking "how many tens are twenty" as your hand is holding up the number sign two
I will demonstrate through the video below. Have fun making sense of counting with your little ones by using your Numbers in Sign Language.

Written by Shawna Tran.

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