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Signing With Babies And Children: A Few Mom Tips

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Few Mom Tips

Mommy Tips are what I’m going to list…
Communication/Bonding/Behavior: Start Signing NOW! It’s never too late to utilize ASL with children. Even if they have acquired a great amount of spoken words, introducing an additional language is where we are in our world!

Diaper Rash: You know the “Lansinoh” for breast feeding mothers? Well it’s GREAT on diaper rash. It sets up a waterproof barrier that protects your little one’s bum and helps to heal the chemical burns and chapping from the urine.

Teething: Best thing I ever did was cut small handed stalks of celery about 5 inches worth, place them in a bit of water in a cup in the refrig. When my daughter started the teething whine – I’d grab a stalk and she was satisfied. The celery is fibrous and can be gnawed on without chunking off like a carrot. It’s great with kidos that seem to have a texture issue with the old standby teething rings.

BathTime: I highly recommend the safety first baby bath seat. It swivels and locks. It keeps baby’s face/head up out and away from the water. It also allows a more hands-free bathing opportunity. You can actually use both hands for bathing and playing rather than attempting to hang on to a wiggly slippery 6-month old!

That’s all the wisdom I have for today! Hope these nuggets help!

1 comment:

Lisa Baade said...

These are great tips Kelly - I would never have thought of the celery...Scarlette is teething at the moment with all her big back teeth, I might give that a go! Thanks for sharing.