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Signing With Babies And Children: Sign Language for Babies

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sign Language for Babies

Baby sign language is one of the most rewarding things by far that I have tried with my own children. There are many benefits that have been discovered in the scientific research, shared at classes and documented on websites however I want to share a few of the most special moments that signing has provided our family over the past 13 months. My story is fairly long so stay tuned over the coming weeks as I tell is part 1.
Scarlette is 17 months old now and we introduced baby sign language to her at the age of 4 months. We understood that it would be a long time until she signed to us but we were keen to see her reaction nonetheless. What I didn't expect at this tender age was the feeling that she actually understood us.

It did take a couple of weeks but she would intently watch us, and eventually we get an indication that she actually understood that we were communicating with her. At this early age there was no way that she was going to have the muscle control or the dexterity to sign to us however there were some important things that we could tell her - for instance that it was time for a bath, time for milk or time for bed. This proved to be very beneficial in these early months.

In part 2 I will let you in on some of the major milestones as she discovered how to communicate with her little be continued.


My Baby Details said...

I enjoyed your links, Lisa. Scarlette is adorable!

Certainly each child has there own timing when engaging back with you in sign language. And those little indications of understanding is just as important as when those little hands indicate signing.

I love when a child can look up to you and feel like their telling you with just an expression, "thanks for letting me know what to expect... it helps me feel calm and reassured." And in return, I am able to feel that way too (more calm and reassured that I am bonding and communicating with my baby)!

Looking forward to part 2! Thanks again for sharing.

SignShine said...

Scarlette is SO sweet! I want to laugh with her. Thank you for sharing such magical moment.
Let the Sign Shine!

Etel Leit, M.S.
Founder & Owner